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Why subject the exonerated police officers to such prejudicial speculation. Also assume good faith but do not feed the trolls. There may be a section covering the various POVs where discussing the distinction avoiding OR, of course is relevant. One of the stray bullets shattered a window at a train station in the neighbourhood, injuring two transport police officers with flying glass.

Then it wasn't a factor in the incident. According to the [12] New York Daily Newswitnesses claimed the officers failed to warn Bell before opening fire, beginning to shoot as soon as they left their cars.

New York on edge as police kill unarmed man in hail of 50 bullets on his wedding day

Bell and were in the middle of building a case against him for running a drug ring. New Yorkers have also been startled at the apparent wildness of the fusillade. These officers gunned down a drunk drug dealer who was trying to run them over with his car.

This should be handled explicitly. Maybe they had time to run the license plate, but it doesn't sound like it and wouldn't speak to the passengers anyway. The shooting took place after a stag party at a strip club in Queens, a few hours before Sean Bell, 23, was due to marry the mother of his two small daughters.

These officers gunned down a drunk drug dealer who was trying to run them over with his car. The reason being that one is presumed innocent, even in light of an arrest.

The ruling was handed down in a state supreme court in Queens. Eight hundred arrests made in ensuing riots. So it would be an error for wikipedia to pick a side. Sharpton also said that it would have been impossible for anyone in the car to have heard the police; he said they were likely in fear that they were being car-jacked.

Instead, the car hit the undercover officer and, seconds later, an unmarked police minivan. Reliable sources have reported that New York law does not consider a car a deadly weapon for the purposes of assessing when deadly force can be used by police officers.

To say he had "odd jobs" is just misleading. Guzman was listed in critical condition, and Benefield was in stable condition; both men survived the shooting. The club was under surveillance by a unit looking for evidence of prostitution, illegal guns and drug dealing.

However, ballistic evidence showed no evidence of any weapon having been fired except those of the officers. It was speculated that one of Bell's friends, Jean Nelson, was the fourth man.

The very nature of Wiki causes it to be that way since everything posted here has to be sourced from somewhere and it can't be helped that the sources themselves are inherently biased against the police.

The shooting quickly became political with the appearance of community leaders - including the Reverend Al Sharpton, the black civil rights leader who has led previous protests against police brutality - alongside the victims' relatives outside the hospital where the wounded men were being treated.

The NAACP and several of the figures discussed in the article think there were important racial dimensions to the killing. If the law itself is very clear, it can be used as a source. Disruptive remarks that do not contribute to improving the article are liable to be deleted from talk page.

Furthermore, I would contend that because Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, it has an obligation to weed out worthy and unworthy articles.

Former NYPD Officer Michael Oliver is grayer than he used to be, though it’s hard to tell if it’s from age or the fallout of the Sean Bell shooting. May 23,  · Sean Bell shooting incident topic. Sean Bell's murder took place in the New York City borough of Queens, New York, United States, on November 25, Three men were shot a total of 50 times by a team of both plainclothes and undercover NYPD officers.

Sean Bell was killed on the morning before his wedding, and two of his friends, Trent. Sean Bell was killed on the morning before his wedding, and two of his friends, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman, were severely wounded.[1] The incident sparked fierce criticism of the police from members of the public and drew comparisons to the killing of Amadou Diallo.[2].

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Mar 24,  · The cops that gunned down Sean Bell, the Queens man killed on his wedding day in a shot fusillade, will be drummed out of the department, the NYPD confirmed Friday. Jun 28,  · News about Sean Bell, the victim of a police shooting in Queens.

Commentary and archival information about Sean Bell from The New York Times. Talk:Sean Bell shooting incident.

New York on edge as police kill unarmed man in hail of 50 bullets on his wedding day

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Sean Bell shooting incident

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Sean bell incident
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